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Heather portrait


A founding partner, believed by clients to posses an almost mystical understanding of the interaction between form, function, colour and texture.

Quietly projecting a reassuring confidence which disguises a steely determination – she will never be the person to blink first.

Unique spatial awareness skills allow her to create a balanced arrangement of elements as successfully across an A4 page as an acre of featureless landscape.

James portrait


A founding partner.

Motivated by the relentless, rewarding but ultimately impossible search for the perfect cake, his outwardly squishy persona belies a ruthless pursuit of good design.

Always pushing to exceed expectations, he fearlessly wrestles success from each creative challenge.

He is outwardly relaxed, but with perverse observational skills ultimately responsible for the quality of the creative output. He is pathologically averse to mediocrity and stale doughnuts.

Katherine portrait


A designer’s designer, possessing a total instinctive understanding of balance and colour. Like all people who excel at their craft, she has the ability to make any task look easy, belying her dedication and exceptional technical ability.

Katherine has the creativity ability and experience to exploit the restrictions inherent in corporate publications while retaining both their spirit and detail.

Graduates portrait


We are always happy to hear from enthusiastic recently qualified designers and illustrators.